Our Preparation

We are Andrew and Anne (aka Anne Wilma) Louden and our two girls – Keziah and Naomi. Our respective ages are 37, 35, 3 and 1. Andrew and I both have our roots in Tain, a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Childhood sweethearts, we married in June ‘92 and now live and work in Aberdeen. We both share a love of the outdoors and travel. Our pre-children adventures included a 3 month trip in ’98 through India, Nepal, Indonesia, New Zealand and Fiji and a 2 month trip in 2001 to Patagonia, Peru and Bolivia. On return from South America, we began scheming our next big trip... So, what about Africa? More to the point, what about Africa with kids?

After 10 years of child-free marriage Keziah was born in January 2003 – a whole new sort of adventure! Naomi joined the team in February 2005. The dream of Africa still simmered, however, and we bought our vehicle, a 1992 Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 VX in December 2005.

We view this adventure as the trip of a lifetime. We hope it will be an opportunity to explore fascinating places, meet wonderful people, enjoy new experiences and have fun together as a family too! We hope you enjoy following our progress online.

PS. We’ve decided to use our trip to raise funds for two charities that are close to our hearts.

Tear Fund does great work in Africa (as well as many other places) and we have supported them for a long time. They combine action and faith to help people in poverty. On a much smaller scale, Sam’s Kids Club is a weekly youth club for children in Aberdeen. We’ve been involved in the running of Sam’s over the past year and are excited to see it develop. For more about these charities and how to sponsor our trip, take a look at the support our charities page. Please note that all charitable donations will go to the charities, not to fund our trip.

Vehicle Preparation
Vehicle choice
Like every British national I simply assumed the answer to vehicle choice was a Landrover Defender and then…


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